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You work hard to maintain a professional image in your practice. Bring that full circle with the AccepTx Pro presentation tool.

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Make it easier for your patients to accept treatment with AccepTx Pro

Today’s savvy consumer wants information and AccepTx Pro helps you put that information at their fingertips.


Optional credit analysis can be used as up-front screening tool


Adjust treatment and payment options with an intuitive interface


Get treatment contracts and informed consent forms now, not later


Integrates easily with OrthoBanc for Payment Plan Management and Electronic Posting to Most Practice Management Platforms

Created by the same great team that brought you OrthoBanc Professional Payment Management!

Enhance Your Treatment and Fee Presentation Experience

Your team is already top-notch, but we help you step up your game.
AccepTx Pro is the answer!

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Using AccepTx Pro’s advanced case presentation tool, your staff can review all aspects of treatment with a patient on an interactive screen. This will provide the responsible party with a better understanding of the course of action recommended by their Orthodontist. AccepTx Pro’s image packages can be customized to match the gender and age of your patient so they can more clearly visualize their treatment. The tool also allows presentation of options and/or add-ons so the patient can make choices that fit their lifestyle and preferences.

In addition to professional case presentation, AccepTx Pro provides pricing and payment options in a format that can be easily understood. Today’s savvy consumer wants information, and AccepTx Pro helps you put it at their fingertips. Our Smile Adjuster payment calculator and planning tool allows the responsible party to adjust the down payment, payment amount and terms until they have found a plan to fit their specific circumstances.

AccepTx Pro is a great way to open up dialogue between the responsible party and your treatment coordinator. The range of acceptable options are pre-set by you before the consult and then tweaked by the patient. By offering more flexible payment options, you are more likely to get a “Yes” during the initial consultation.

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If the responsible party is not willing to commit at the time of consult, a link to the Smile Adjuster graphical interface can be emailed to them for review at home. This is a great benefit for a parent that needs to talk this over with a spouse or grandparent at home. The easy to understand case descriptions help with communication about what will be included with treatment, and the Smile Adjuster planning tool is a fun way to help a family decide how to best incorporate orthodontic treatment into their current budget.

Once the appropriate course of action and payment plan have been selected, the responsible party can accept treatment and view their financial contract and informed consent agreement. You will be sent a notification that treatment has been accepted, then you are ready to call and welcome the patient to your practice.

All this and more from the same great team that brought you OrthoBanc Professional Payment Management!

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