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Thanks to the team at Acceptx, I implemented simple changes that increase my case acceptance 50% year-over-year in January 2009! Dr Greg Greenberg, Dallas, TX  Read More →

Acceptx the Payment Options Experts

Acceptx Financial Solutions, Inc. is a company dedicated to helping practices to improve case acceptance and practice profitability through intelligent fee and payment option design and implementation.  We work with you and your staff to determine how your fees and payment options can be optimized to help you accomplish your growth and profit objectives.  In addition to our consulting services, we offer internet software to support your practice.  Our products inlcude industry leading credit grading software (ZACC) that helps you make needed changes without taking on further financing risk, and Acceptx Case Acceptance Software that manages your fee and payment options and helps you administer your in-house financing program.  These products can be used independtly or as a single system depending on the needs of your practice.  Want to learn more?  Contact us today.  Read More →

Patient Financing Can Set Your Practice Apart

Acceptx practices have learned that offering three payment options along with clarity around their willingness to be flexible, sets them apart from the competitor’s practice.   Acceptx Case Acceptance Software is the cornerstone of a patient financing program we put in place for your practice to help you offer the most patient friendly financing in your market — and to win more cases.  Read More →

Earn Interest on In-House Financing

Many doctors feel like they are doing their patients a favor by offering them third party financing.  More often than not, they are hurting their case acceptance.  When given a choice, most patients prefer to work with a practice — and those willing to pay a third party financing company will gladly pay interest to a practice instead.  Many Acceptx clients offer patients multiple payment options including an interest free standard payment option and for those who need a lower down payment or lower monthly payment — an interest option.   This patient financing option increases case acceptance AND increases revenues for Acceptx doctors.  Contact us to learn more…  Read More →

Early Payment Options

Recall is a term your staff made up.  If a parent brings a child to your practice they are in treatment — whether or not they leave with braces. Orthodontists use Acceptx to show parents how they can pre-pay their down payment, lower their monthly payment and make their child’s treatment so much more affordable. Oh — and the Acceptx doctors start treatment with more money in the bank than most of their colleagues.  Doctor wins — parent’s are happy.  You should try it….  Read More →


Paul Zuelke Introduces: ZACC!

For nearly 30 years Paul Zuelke and his team at Zuelke & Associates have been teaching doctors how to use credit information to increase case acceptance.  Now he has help — Introducing the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) — an online tool that does all the work and makes credit grading simple — finally.  Get ZACC Now!  Read More →

ZACC Simplifies Credit Grading

The Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) makes credit grades simple — no more staff training, no more lengthy credit reports,  just a simple grade and advice from the industry’s top patient financing consultant. Get Zacc NOW!  Read More →

Zuelke Automated Credit Coach(ZACC)

The Zuelke Automated Credit Coach was developed by patient financing guru Paul Zuelke after nearly 30 years of consulting exclusively to the dental and medical professions.  ZACC was designed specifically for health care practices that offer patient financing or are making decisions on patient collections.  It eliminates the need for extensive staff training and the risk of having a patient’s full credit report on file in your practice.  The practice completes a simple online form, hits submit, and ZACC does all the work and in seconds returns a credit grade with recommendations from Zuelke & Associates.   Take a five minute online demo of Zacc now — click here.  Read More →

ZACC Does all the Credit Analysis For You

You don’t have to learn how to read a credit report — ZACC does all the work.  You enter patient information into our secure online (internet) form and ZACC automatically pulls real-time credit data from TransUnion, analyzes the patient payment history and returns a final credit grade along with suggested patient financing terms (coaching) from Paul Zuelke — all with the click of a mouse and all within seconds.  Read More →

ZACC Doesn’t Hurt Credit Scores!

ZACC pulls a “soft inquiry” that does not affect your patient’s credit score.  A ZACC inquiry isn’t seen by your patient’s creditors — it only gives you valuable information to improve case acceptance.  Read More →

Consulting Services

Penny Mustard

Penny Mustard created Mustard Seed Consulting Group after seeing the need for customized consulting services for orthodontic practices. Mustard Seed Consulting Group brings insights gained from over 20 years of experience with practices in culturally and geographically diverse parts of the country. MSCG realizes that each office has its own unique personality, molded and defined by the doctor, staff, patients and the social and economic environment of the community, and we understand that the “cookie cutter” approach to marketing, clinical training and new patient acquisition just doesn’t work in all situations. One size doesn’t fit all!  Read More →

Jill Allen

Jill Allen and Associates is a full service orthodontic consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado. Jill offers a complete line of consulting services specifically designed to help Orthodontists increase growth, streamline processes, and optimize every aspect of their practice.  Read More →